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The name Mojo Bakes! SF came from my wedding, where we received the nickname Mojo.  My name is Molly and my husband is Joe.  Nothing more than that!

I started baking around 15 years ago when I tried a cookie recipe, halved the sugar and added in a few different kinds sesame.  I became the neighborhood “cookie lady” and gifted several batches of black sesame shortbread for a wedding.   

Then came candy.  An impulse purchase of a candy thermometer and a mistake in a cookbook led to my very first batch of toffee.  When I tried to pack up the leftovers at a party, the host threatened to “break my wrist” if I didn’t leave the rest behind.  So I went home and made more.

I've collaborated with a few makers, made mistakes, learned a lot.  Please enjoy!  #wheresaltmeetssweet

Mojo Bakes! SF is a member of  SFMade and the Good Food Foundation.     

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