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MojoBakes! SF brittle marries the crunchiness of pumpkin seeds and the ultrasweet of sugar.  The spicy version offers salt, crunch and sweet heat, all in the same bite.  The brittle contains pumpkin seeds, sugar, a bit of butter, chile and cayenne.

Spicy Pumpkin Seed Brittle

  • All sales are final.  There are no returns or refunds.

  • San Francisco:  Local pick up is possible anywhere on the Divisadero corridor in San Francisco.  Times will be arranged following order confirmation.


    Oakland:  Orders are available for pick at at Aburuya (main location, 362 17th St. Oakland, CA) on Wednesdays. 


    Everywhere else:  Shipping is by USPS 2 day priority.  Shipments are not temperature controlled. 

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