Frequently asked questions

What's in Mojo Bakes! SF products?

Mojo Bakes! SF products contain as few ingredients as possible. For example - the brittles contain seeds, sugar, spices and baking soda. Thats it!

Mojo Bakes! SF products do not contain nuts but are made in a kitchen where nuts may be used.

Mojo Bakes! SF is a registered organic product processor with the state of California.

Do you have any vegan or gluten free items?

All products are made in a kitchen where gluten and butter are used. There are vegan versions of the pumpkin seed brittle. The spicy vegan pumpkin seed brittle is a 2019 Good Food Foundation Finalist! The black sesame brittle has always been a vegan product. The black sesame shortbread comes in a gluten-free format as well. I'

What’s the difference between toffee and brittle?

Brittle contains a much higher ratio of sugar to fat, making it closer to hard candy. Most brittles use a liquid sugar as well, such as agave nectar or glucose, as these melt well into brittle.

Toffee contains a closer ratio of butter and sugar.

Brittle tends to be sweeter than toffee, but toffee is fairly rich. For either one a little goes a long way!

Where can I buy your products?

check the main page and map finder for a store near you.

Mojo Bakes! SF is also listed on Spense, Faire, Indie Goodz and Sincerely, SF

Interested in carrying Mojo Bakes! SF products? email and we'll go from there!

Can you ship & how much is it?

All shipping is by USPS 2 day priority. Rates depend on the order size but range from $8 - $20. Delivery is possible in San Francisco and Oakland with a minimum order of $50.00 USD. Delivery in Marin and San Mateo are possible with a minimum order of $100.00 USD.

What is the shelf life of Mojo Bakes! SF products?

In general products last from 8 to 12 weeks. All orders are made on demand. Each pack is double sealed.

Like any candy - keeping away from heat and light is best.

If you don’t finish your order within 12 weeks you have more willpower than anyone I know.

What sizes are there?

Mojo Bakes! SF brittles and toffee are available online 4 oz and 8 oz sizes.

The shortbreads are offered online in 7 oz bags.

All products are in resealable bags, which is a great deal for you. Take what you want and leave the rest for next time!

The 4 oz sizes are great for after dinner. You can have a piece of any size and go from there. I have some clients who bring these when invited to dinner. Its more interesting than bringing wine, everyone gets a taste, and the cleanup is far easier than other desserts.

The 8 oz sizes are great for a weekend. Add some brittle to your trail mix. That little hit of sugar and salt will make up for the fact that you’re eating trail mix.

The shortbread generally falls into the same reasoning. The 7 oz bags are great for a group or as part of dessert.

Here's my biggest advice: when you get to the bottom of the bag, don't throw it out! Take the crumbs and add them to ice cream, yogurt or oatmeal. Its the best part. Trust me!

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